Our Story


SlimBliss was started because we were tired of seeing all the fad diets and miracle pills out there for women. The opportunity was to create products that talk to our customers from the formulas not from the marketing or patronising colour schemes.

We wanted to bring products to the fitness market that are not patronising, nor selling the impossible. SlimBliss is about creating effective products that work - along with the right fitness and nutritional program. We are not selling dreams or miracle pills - but with a bit of hard work you will see noticeable results.

SlimBliss products are designed to speak to all the intelligent, hardworking career women out there. All the mums, first timers, 'not sure this is right for me', gym bunnies, or not-so-gym bunnies, yogies, and cross-fitters. SlimBliss is for all the women who want to make a difference to the way they look. 

SlimBliss was started by 3 friends who have a wealth of experience in the Fitness and Nutritional industries. With a combined experience of 50 years in the sports nutrition industry, we know which ingredients work - and which don't! We also know first hand that the only way to lose weight or maintain the body you want is through hard work in the gym or pounding the pavement. With the right diet and the right supplements, you can see results faster and more successfully than exercise alone.

Our founders have a wide and varied background in fitness supplements. Our formulation expert is a General Practitioner, and elite sports woman. Another has worked in the sports nutrition industry fo over 10 years and has helped developed a number of new products for international markets.

The SlimBliss team are focused on 3 main principles

  • Effective, Quality products
  • Great advice and support
  • Real Results

and all SlimBliss products are designed by women, for women!